Tilt Meter/Beam Sensor

Beam Sensor
Model EAN-41M/EAN-42M(SDI-12)

The beam sensor is attached to the structures for monitoring any differential movement and tilting of structures. For monitoring deflection and deformation of retaining walls, sheet piling, etc. The beam sensor can also be installed in long horizontal strings to measure differential settlement along railway tracks, tunnels, pipelines, embankments, etc. The voltage output from sensor can be directly monitored by an indicator that measures differential voltage output and can also be directly connected to Encardio-rite data acquisition system/CR-1000 datalogger. EAN-41M/EAN-42M beam sensor consists of the MEMS sensor housed inside a beam (1, 2 or 3 m long and 38x38 mm, aluminium).
Model EAN-42M beam sensor is available with SDI-12 digital interface such that all sensors can be connected through single bus cable to our compact automatic datalogger

Sensor Uniaxial
Measuring range ± 15°
Output (nominal) 4 V at 15° proportional to sin &theta of angle (EAN-91M)
Sensitivity ± 10 arc seconds
Accuracy1 ± 0.1 % fs
Temperature limit - 20°C to 80°C
Dimension (mm) 125 x 80 x 57
1As tested under laboratory conditions
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