Vertical In-Place Inclinometer System

In-Place Inclinometer System
Model EAN-51MV/52MV

EAN-51MV is used for real time monitoring of lateral movement and deformation of earth works or a structure. Each in-place sensor probe is fitted with a pair of pivoted sprung wheels. A string of sensors can be positioned inside a casing for a complete deflection profile, using a suspension kit and placement tube. A suspension wire rope is also available in case deflection profile of only part of casing is to be monitored. EDI-52MV in-place inclinometer system provides a solution in which each sensor is equipped with SDI-12 interface. A single 3 conductor bus cable therefore needs to be threaded in a daisy chain fashion, connecting each sensor to its next immediate neighbour and finally to the top of the borehole and directly to the datalogger (without any multiplexer).
Several strings of EAN-52MV in-place inclinometer sensors in different boreholes can be terminated in a single Data Acquisition System with CR-1000 measurement and control module. Consult factory as conditions apply. For IPIs using a large number of sensors, SDI-12 equipped in-place sensors are a good choice as it will not be possible to accommodate a large number of individual signal cables inside the borehole. Uniaxial horizontal in-place inclinometer system model EAN-51MH/52 MH is also available on request. Please consult factory for specific requirement.

Sensor Uniaxial or biaxial
Measuring range ± 15°
Accuracy1 ± 0.1 % fs
Temperature range -20° to 80° C
1 As tested under lab condition
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