Portable Tilt Meter

Portable Tilt Meter
Model EAN-70M

EAN-70M portable tilt meter is suitable for monitoring change in inclination of structure. It is rugged in construction and has excellent temperature stability. The tilt meter system includes tilt plates, a portable tilt meter and a readout unit. Die cast Aluminium tilt plates available from Encardio-rite are dimensionally stable. Tilt plates are mounted on the structure at specified locations. Tilt readings can be obtained quickly and easily by a single operator. For taking and storing readings, use EDI-53UTM read-out unit/datalogger.

Sensor Uniaxial
Measuring range ± 15°
Sensitivity 10 arc seconds
Accuracy ± 0.1 % fs
Temperature limit -20 to 80° C
Dimension l x b x h (mm) 162 x 90 x 145
Dimension (tiltplate) 142 mm Ф x 24 mm high aluminium alloy
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