Resistive Strain Gage Type Anchor Bolt Load Cell

Anchor Bolt Load Cell
Model ELC-30S

ELC-30S is a resistive strain gage type center hole load cell used to determine load in rock bolts, tieback anchors, etc. It comprises of a cylinder of high strength steel with eight 350 Ohm resistance strain gages, wired to form a 700 Ohm bridge. To minimize the effect of uneven and eccentric loading, the eight gages are mounted around the circumference at 45° to each other. The load cell is hermetically sealed by electron beam welding making it immune to ingress of water and to most corrosive environments.

Range(kN)/ID mm)
200/40, 500/52, 1000/78, 1000/105, 1500/85, 1500/ 130, 2000/105, 2000/155 specify
Over range capacity150 %
Calibration accuracy± 0.25 % fs
Non-linearity ± 1 % fs
Output2 mV/V ± 10%
Excitation10 V DC (max. 20 V DC)
Temperature limit-20 to 80° C
Cable connectionSix pin glass to metal seal
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