Single Channel Vibrating Wire Datalogger

Single Channel Vibrating Wire Datalogger
Model ESCL-10VT

ESCL-10VT, single channel vibrating wire datalogger is designed to monitor a single vibrating wire sensor (inclding temperature), such as a piezometer, crackmeter or displacement transducer. Version is also available which can additionally monitor barometric pressure and rainfall. Data can be stored in Hz or in engineering units. Model ESCL-10VT data logger has sufficient memory to store data from a sensor for a period of nine years, with data recorded every six hours with time, data and temperature. Data can be downloaded on a remotely located PC either through Bluetooth enabled android mobile phone with internet access or through GSM/GPRS modems with static or dynamic IP and ftp access at scheduled times. The mobile phone readout uses wireless Bluetooth connection to communicate with the data logger. Data logger can be powered via batteries or AC mains or solar panel.

Frequency range 400 Hz to 5 kHz
Parameters Time, Frquency, engineering units
Temperature range -40 to 60°C
Data output format CSV text file. Can be easily converted into many third part applications like
Microsoft Excel. One RS-232 serial port. Interface cable for Communication
port connecting to USB 2.0 port supplied as standard