Automatic Data Acquisition System

Automatic Data Acquisition System
Model EDAS-10 Automatic Data Acquisition System

EDAS-10 delivers accurate and reliable measurement in a variety of applications. It is most suitable for unattended or network applica tions. various options are available for connecting the data acquisition system to PC, like RS232C serial InterFace, short haul modems, GSM/GPRS modem, RF modem etc, Built around the Campbell Scientific's middle level programmable measurement and control module, the Encardlo-ri te data acquisition system is available in multiple configurations depending upon the type, number of sensors used and their locations in a particular project. Few such system configurations are mentioned below along with brief description to give an idea on the type of systems/solutions available. Please contact us for any specific requirement giving details of the type, quantity and locations of sensors used in the particular project.

The complete system includes datalogger, multiplexers, signal conditioners for vibrating wire sensors, interface cables, power supply, transfer softwares, etc. Units are available from 16 to 192 channels in different size consoles.

Resolultion 0.66 micro Volt (analog)
Scan rate Few times/sec to once/hour
Power consumption 50 mA during measurement
Power requirement 9.6 to 16 V DC
Storage capacity 2 MB data point, (expandable with peripherals)
Temperature limit -25 to 50° C
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Model EAM-405B BusMux multiplexer

The EAM-405B BusMux multiplexer can be spread out over a distance of hundreds of meters from the datalogger and requires only a single 8 core cable for interconnection in a daisy chain pattern. This results in a lot of saving in cable cost as wire from individual sensors are terminated at the nearest BusMux and does not have to be individually carried to the central datalogger especially when in a project remotest sensors are some hundreds of metres from the central datalogger.

usMux can sequentially multiplex up to 5 x 4-wire or 10 x 2-wire sensors. These can be field mounted, thus eliminating use of junction box/switch box. Another advantage is that by using BusMux it becomes easy to add more sensors to network that had not been planned for earlier. As the bus multlpliers are connected in a daisy chain fashion one only needs to split or extend the bus cable to make connection to the additional bus multiplexers (with some extra cabling and editing in datalogger programming).

Surge protection is built Into the BuxMux Input and output lines; so an additional surge protection card is not required.

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