pH/ORP Measurement

pH/ORP Measurement
Model EQM104-pH

Model EQM104-pH has been designed to perform under hard conditions. From pure mountains water with conductivity as low as 20 µS/cm, lakes and rivers (100-2000 µS/cm), seawater with conductivities of 50 mS/cm and to wastewater with conductivity higher than 200 mS/cm.

A special technology increase the lifetime of the probe, before a need to refill. This sensor has been designed for handheld and in situ applications.

Measuring method Combination electrode
Measuring Range 0 to14 pH units
Resolution 0.01 pH
Housing PVC
Size (D X L) 27 X 207 (mm)
Depth rating 300 m
Operating temp. 0 to +50°C
Protection IP 68
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