Oil Measurement

Oil Measurement
Model EQM104-EnviroFlu-HC

Model EQM104-EnviroFlu-HC is based on UV fluorescence principle for detection, which enables the measurement of poly-cyclic aromatic hydro carbons (PAH), upto single ppb levels.

The lens has nano protective coating which prevents the fouling of optics and oil-film depositions, thus making it suitable for long term stable operations.

It is mainly used in discharge monitoring of airports, factories, oil refineries and for leakage detection.

Measuring method UV fluorescence
Measuring Range 0 to 500 ppb
0 to 5000 ppb
Resolution 0.1 ppb (in pure water)
Housing POM, SS or Titanium
Size (D X L) 68 X 311 (mm)
Depth rating 300 m
Operating temp. 0 to 40°C
Protection IP 68
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