Conductivity Measurement

Conductivity Measurement
Model EQM104-C

Model EQM104-C is based on 4 electrode technology. An alternating current of constant voltage is established between first pair of electrodes in graphite.

The voltage between second pair of electrodes in platinum influence the voltage of the first electrodes to compensate fouling. From voltage measured between the first pair of electrodes, resistance of the fluid is calculated and further from resistance, conductivity is evaluated.

Measuring method 4-electrode cell
Measuring Range 0 - 200 mS/cm in 4 ranges
Resolution 0.01 to 1 according to range
Housing Stainless steel, PVC & Delrin
Size (D X L) 27 X 177 (mm)
Temperature sensor Integrated NTC
Operating temp. 0 to 50°C
Protection IP 68
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