Automatic Weather Station
Automatic Weather Station
Model EAWS-101

Encardio-rite automatic weather station is a weather data management and presentation system for meteorological data collected by individual sensors from a site. The system provides a reliable and cost effective means of recording meteorological data. Encardio-rite offers weather system with standard sensors for essential parameters i.e. rainfall, wind velocity, relative humidity and temperature. Other sensors are also available on request. The weather station can be configured based on the parameters to be measured or the sensors required. The system handles all data processing requirements, starting with collection and storage of data, performing the required calculations on the data, presenting the results in graphical and numerical format and generating alarm messages. Standard sensors used in the Encardio-rite model.

EAWS-101 weather station are briefly outlined below:

Rain gage: Tipping bucket type rain gage.
Wind speed and direction sensor: Three cup anemometer as speed sensor along with direction sensor with dynamically balanced wind vane gives precise wind velocity.
Relative humidity & temperature: Advanced humidity sensor with Pt 100 for temperature measurement.
Data logger: Provides unattended monitoring & recording.


    ● Durable rugged design and corrosion free.
    ● Precision low cost system.
    ● Modular construction with easy system maintenance.
    ● Easy to install and operate with pre-configured for quick setup.
    ● Option to monitor meteorological data collected remotely from an internet connected computer available.
    ● High precision, quality automatic weather monitoring system.
    ● Simple user-friendly software.
    ● Range of communication options for remote operation.
    ● Mains, solar powered & rechargeable battery as per customer specified options.
    ● Suitable for unattended operation.

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Automatic Weather Station
Automatic Weather Station
Automatic Weather Station
Automatic Weather Station
Automatic Weather Station
Automatic Weather Station