Web based Data Monitoring Service

The cloud based web data monitoring service (WDMS) is a web- based data-management and presentation tool for data collected by models EDAS-10, ESCL-10 and ESDL-30 range of dataloggers from any project site. The system handles all data processing requirement, starting with collection and storage of data, performing the required calculations on the data, presenting the results in graphical and numerical format and generating alarm messages.

Data is also available for monitoring tunnel, field and structural deformation through Automatic Total Stations.

The monitoring software is server based. Users interact with the software using their web-browser, when connected to the Internet, from any location in the world. It also allows multiple authorized users at different locations to view any data or report from the same project site simultaneously. The graphs & reports can be viewed using popular web browsers like Microsoft internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

The server for the above WDMS services is maintained 24 x 7.

The software is a powerful data base application which provides a complete package for data storage, browsing, reporting and publishing to the web with the support of modules that allow user to display data from multiple stations and to publish and give web access to all data and advanced reports.

Operating System Windows 2000, Professional, Windows XP, Home or XP Professional
Memory requirement 128 MB (minimum), 512 MB, or more (recommended)
Hard disk requirement 90MB(minimum for installation)
Download Datasheet