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Encardio-rite Electronics Pvt. Ltd., incorporated on June 14, 1966 at Lucknow, India, is a World leader in geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring providing turnkey solutions for following:

o Online safety monitoring of large civil constructions like Metros, Tunnels, Sewer systems, Hydroelectric projects, High rise buildings, Deep excavations, Foundations, Rafts, Piles, Diaphragm walls, Bridges, Airports and Seaports, etc. during construction and also afterwards
o Online structural monitoring; Dilapidation survey
o Online landslide, slope monitoring
o Online water level monitoring in boreholes, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.
o Online effluent water quality monitoring
o Online Weather stations that monitors rainfall, temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, etc.

Over the last 50 years Encardio Group of Companies have been involved withthe safety monitoring of countless prestigious projects like Doha metro, Dubai metro, Delhi Metro, Abu Dhabi underground sewer system, Marina Bay Sands-Singapore and Tehri Dam, etc. We have extensive experience in working with various major construction companies, consultants and designers from all parts of the World.

Internationally we operate through our subsidiaries in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Greece and Bhutan. In India we have branch offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Reyasi (J&K). Encardio-rite and its subsidiaries have an employment of around 400 personnel. We export to all major countries in the Americas, Europe, East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia through our marketing associates and dealers.

Encardio-rite Group of Companies provides sophisticated monitoring solutions on turnkey basis that include:

o Online data management
o On site monitoring, data processing and reporting
o Installation and commissioning; supply, maintenance and calibration
o Surveying; vibration monitoring
o Pre and post construction condition survey (dilapidation) of structures, etc.
o Automation with online data from instrumentation of existing project.

Encardio-rite is probably the only service provider in the above fields having state of the art in-house manufacturing and calibrating facilities for its complete product range. To cater to fast technological advancements and specific requirement of individual projects, we have an advanced in-house R&D centre recognized by the Government of India, that constantly seeks to provide advanced software and monitoring systems.

Our perseverance to innovate and constantly improve with our experience make us world leaders in our field and set standards for the finest technology.

Brief history and mile stones of Encardio-rite Group of Companies

  • Encardio-rite was incorporated in 1966 with the main objective of developing, manufacturing and marketing instruments involving high technology and providing services associated with them. It started off with electro-medical instruments such as ECG/EEG machines, patient monitoring systems etc. and other instruments like multi-channel recorders, Moss Bauer radiation analyzer, TLD reader, facsimile trans-receivers etc. Encardio-rite was the only company at that time in India manufacturing these sophisticated instruments and soon distinguished itself as a young, dynamic electronic enterprise in India.

  • In 1973, the R&D division of Encardio-rite was registered with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

  • In 1977, Encardio-rite's capabilities were recognised all over the country when the MD of the company, Mr. Amod Gujral, had the honour of receiving the prestigious IMM Award for Marketing Man of the year from the President of India.

  • In 1978, Encardio-rite entered into collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for manufacture of high precision load cells, pressure transducers, data amplifiers and vibration sensors. ISRO also helped us to get our electron beam welding machine to enable us to manufacture world class sensors with a vacuum inside them.

  • In 1981, a second factory was set-up around 100 m away from the first factory. The electron beam welding machine along with other sophisticated manufacturing and test equipment were set-up in the new factory.

  • During 1984-1987, the Company made a tactical change and moved into the field of Geotechnical, and its associated services and introduced the vibrating wire technology for manufacture of geotechnical instrumentation for the first time in the Country. Today, we are the world leaders in this field of Geotechnical, Geophysical and Structural Monitoring Instrumentation.

  • In 1995, Encardio-rite became an ISO-9001 certificated organisation from DNV of The Netherlands for its entire product range.

  • In 1997, Encardio-rite ventured into exports in a small way after participating at Interkama at Dusseldorf. Today, Encardio-rite exports to several countries in Europe, South Africa, South America, USA; Middle East and East Asia, etc.

  • In 2002, Encardio-rite got its first turnkey Instrumentation and Monitoring assignment for Delhi Metro with around 11 km long tunnelling by TBM and 10 underground stations. We successfully instrumented this project for safety during the construction period. This was a milestone in the history of Encardio-rite as it became the stepping stone into the Middle East for similar projects.

  • In 2006, Encardio-rite got its first overseas metro project, the prestigious Dubai Metro project, to be executed on turnkey basis that included instrumentation supply, installation, monitoring and reporting.

  • In 2008, Encardio-rite established its first overseas branch at Dubai and in 2009 we set up another branch at Abu Dhabi. Since then we have executed instrumentation and monitoring of several large civil engineering projects.

  • In 2010, we introduced model EAN-26M two wire digital inclinometer system using a mobile phone as a read-out logger for the first time in the World. The work done was published in a paper presented at the FMGM at Berlin in the same year. This development has a set up a new trend in the monitoring of geotechnical instruments.

  • In 2011, we started operations at Bahrain with Instrumentation and monitoring contract for the around 16 km long underground sewer line. Simultaneously, we started working on the Instrumentation and Monitoring of the 90 km long underground sewerage line at Abu Dhabi. This line has the largest sewerage treatment plant under construction with a diameter of 52 m and a depth of 100 m. We worked with Odebrecht on the instrumentation and monitoring for safety during construction on this project.

  • In 2012, we introduced indigenous advanced ground water level monitoring systems with data transmission by telemetry for the first time in India. Technology wise these systems are easily the best being produced anywhere in the World.

  • In 2013, Rite Geosystems WLL has been set-up at Qatar, It is already in operation with a staff of around 70 personnel, executing the Instrumentation and Monitoring of Major Stations, green line, red line, and gold line for QRail at Doha in Qatar.

  • In 2013, Rite Geosystems Pte Ltd. has been incorporated at Singapore. We plan to start operation during next year.

  • In 2014 Condor Technologies Company Limited has been set-up in Saudi Arabia.

  • In 2015, Encardio-rite got D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) rating of 4A1 which is the highest rating for a firm's financial strength and credit worthiness.

  • In 2016, Encardio-rite celebrates 50 years of excellence, during which we have ensured steady growth and success, have won a number of prestigious awards that led us to become a stronghold corporation that we are today. While staying focussed on our mission to be the most valued solution provider to our customers with long term relationships, Encardio-rite look forward to expand the business into new markets.

  • Work is now in progress on developing Instrumentation and Monitoring systems for water quality monitoring to cover a large range of parameters like COD, BOD, DO, pH, Conductivity, TSS, Turbidity, Nitrates and Nitrites etc. Intricacies

  • Encardio-rite is amongst the few organization in the World having in-house manufacturing and calibrating facilities for the complete product range. It has excellent manufacturing and test facilities that include electron beam welding, temperature and environmental test chambers, automatic pressure/temperature control systems, dead weight testers, load cell calibration facilities upto 15,000 kN, accelerated life testing facilities and bonding laboratories.

    The R&D Division is committed to excellence. It has motivated the organization to tackle challenging technological advancements with single minded devotion and with the objective of achieving excellence in instrumentation and monitoring. New products and services with better manufacturing techniques are constantly being developed with updated technologies to take care of changing requirement of the construction and water monitoring sectors. The R&D Division has a very advanced software development section.

    For easy accessibility to its clients and prompt services, Encardio-rite operates all over India through a number of branch offices and site offices. Globally, it operates through a wide network of marketing associates. Middle-East is covered by its subsidiaries at Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

    With 50 years of experience, Encardio-rite has the international expertise and advance technology that facilitates in providing customized solutions to meet specific project requirements.
    Metro Tunnels: Almost 180 km of tunneling monitored including Delhi metro, Dubai metro, Doha metro on a turnkey basis and several other metros worldwide through marketing associates.
    Road tunnels: Almost 100 km of tunneling monitored including Sheikh Zayed Street tunnel and NDM tunnel, UAE on turnkey basis and several others worldwide through marketing associates.
    Railway tunnels: Almost 150 km of tunneling monitored including several contracts of Konkan Railways, India on turnkey basis and several others worldwide through marketing associates.
    Sewer tunnel: Almost 110 km of tunneling monitored including Muharraq STP in Bahrain, Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (STEP) in UAE on turnkey basis and several others worldwide through marketing associates.
    Dilapidation survey (pre/post construction building/structure condition survey): Thousands of buildings/structures /utilities surveyed for projects like Doha Metro, Delhi Metro, STEP sewer tunnel project - Abu Dhabi, Muharraq STP project Bahrain, etc.
    Hydroelectric Projects: Over 200 dams (concrete, roller compacted concrete, concrete faced rock filled, earth/rock filled dams) including a number of dams in India, Bhutan, Nepal on turnkey basis and several others worldwide through marketing associates.
    High rise buildings, Monuments, Foundations, etc.
    Airports, Seaports, Highways, Bridges, Slopes, Landslides, etc.

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities at Encardio-rite are already in existence for the benefit of its employees and their immediate family members and contribution to organizations that are engaged in the betterment of society in the field of education and medical help.

    Integrating social, environmental and ethical responsibilities into the governance of business ensures long term success, competitiveness and sustainability. CSR makes good business sense as companies with an effective CSR policy, have an image of socially responsible companies, achieve sustainable growth in their operations in the long run and their products and services are preferred by customers.

    Main objective is to make CSR a key business and social process for sustainable development of society. Encardio-rite will act as a good corporate citizen and aims at supplementing the role of Government in enhancing welfare measures for the benefit of society within the framework of its policy.

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