Download Datasheets

The following datasheets are in PDF format and can be downloaded on your hard disk/device by clicking right button of the mouse on the model number and selecting the "save target as" option. The datasheets can be viewed or printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. To view the datasheets "on line", simply click the left button of the mouse on the model number.

Piezometer/Water Level/Seepage

VW piezometerModel EPP-30V
VW piezometer (slim size)Model EPP-40V
Push-In Piezometer (pore pressure meter)Model EPP-50V
Low Pressure Piezometer (pore pressure meter)Model EPP-60V
VW uplift pressure meterModel EPU-20V/20G
Porous tube piezometerModel EPP-10
Water level sounderModel EPP-10/6
StandpipeModel EPP-10SP
Twin tube hydraulic piezometerModel EHP-10
Seepage measurement systemModel ESM-11V


VW Settlement SystemModel EGS-30V
Hydraulic Overflow Settlement GageModel EHOS-35
High Sensitivity SettlementModel ESM-30V

Strain Gage/Sister Bar

Vibrating wire strain gageModel EDS-11V
Sister bar/Strain meterModel EDS-12V/EX
Vibrating wire strain gageModel EDS-20V
Shortcrete Strain GageModel EDS-30V

Pressure Cell

VW earth and concrete pressure cellModel EPS-30V-X
VW jackout pressure cellModel EPS-30V-J
VW shotcrete-concrete stress cellModel ESC-30V
VW shotcrete-concrete stress cell - radialModel ESC-37V-4

Load Cell

Strain gage type center hole/Anchor bolt load cellModel ELC-30S
Strain gage type center hole capacity load cellModel ELC-30S-H
Vibrating wire type (fluid filled) center hole load cellModel ELC-31V
Vibrating wire centre hole load cellModel ELC-32V
Strain gage type high capacity compression load cell Model ELC-150S-H
Compression Load CellModel ELC-210S
Crane load cell/ShackleModel ELC-20410S

Temperature Sensor

Vibrating wire temperature meterModel ETT-10V
Resistance temperature probeModel ETT-10TH/10PT

Displacement/Crack/Joint Meter

Tunnel Convergence SystemModel ECMS-10
Potentiometric Linear Displacement TransducerModel EDE-PXX
Vibrating Wire Linear Displacement TransducerModel EDE-VXX
Crack meter/ joint meter - mechanicalModel EDJ-40C/EDJ-41M/EDJ-40TJ
Crack meter / joint meter - electricalModel EDJ-40V/ EDJ-50V/EDJ-40T
Creep MeterModel EDJ-40V-I

Extensometer/Measuring Anchor

Single point bore hole extensometer - mechanicalModel EDS-64UD
Multi point bore hole extensometer - mechanicalModel EDS-63UD
Single point bore hole extensometer - electronicModel EDS-71V
Multi point bore hole extensometer - electronicModel EDS-70V
Measuring anchorModel EMA-11
Soil extensometerModel EDS-92
Magnetic probe extensometerModel EDS-91VH
Tape extensometerModel EDS-80


Digital Inclinometer systemModel EAN-26M
In-place inclinometer systemModel EAN-51/52M
Horizontal inclinometer systemModel EAN-25M-H
Normal and Inverted Plumb LineModel EDS-50/51V

Tilt Meter/Beam Sensor

Tiltmeter (voltage output)Model EAN-90M/92M
Uniaxial Tiltmeter (voltage output)Model EAN-91M
Tiltmeter (vibrating wire)Model EAN-80V
Portable tiltmeter (voltage output)Model EAN-70M
Electrolytic Level tiltmeterModel EAN-31EL/EAN-31EL-B
Electrolytic uniaxial beam sensorModel EAN-41EL-B
Beam Sensor (track monitoring)Model EAN-41M

Online Dataloggers/DAS/Read-Out Units

Datalogger for SDI-12 interface sensors Model ESDL-30
VW digital read-out unit - portableModel EDI-51V
SG digital read-out unit - portableModel EDI-53
Data acquisition system - automaticModel EDAS-10
SDI-12 networking InterfaceSDI-12
Web Data Monitoring Service (WDMS)WDMS

Geodetic Target & Survey Marker

Building/Pavement settlement pointsModel EBS-16/EPS-12
Reflective targets/Bireflex and prism targetsModel ERT-10B/ 10P2/20P2/M1
Ground settlement point/SoilModel ESMP-10C2
Deep datum/Settlement pointModel ESMP-11C2


Cables, switch boxes, junction boxesAccessories

Corrosion Multi Depth Sensor

Corrosion multi depth sensorECS-11