Encardio-rite presents a technical talk and paper on Tunnel Instrumentation and Monitoring at WTC 2018, Dubai

Tunnel Instrumentation and Monitoring

As megacities struggle to provide infrastructure, residential and commercial spaces to its increasing number of residents in a limited land mass, existing structures- both surface and underground are bound to get affected by new constructions. In such a scenario, implementing an effective instrumentation and monitoring (I&M) programme for the structures within the zone of influence of construction, becomes extremely essential. Benefits of a well-executed I&M program are manifold- from providing design verification to ensuring safety during and after the construction.

In the paper, Encardio-rite presents a case study of I&M program executed by it's UAE branch in a megacity in the Middle East. An existing metro and a busy road tunnel under water were located within the zone of influence of the project’s construction activities. Ensuring their safety during the construction was on the top propriety of all project stakeholders as well as the asset owners.

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