Encardio-rite presents a technical talk and paper on Landslide monitoring at ILC 2017

Encardio-rite presents a technical talk and paper on Landslide monitoring at ILC 2017

Encardio-rite recently participated and sponsored at Indian 4th Indian Landslide Congress 2017 organized by the Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai.

Encardio-rite published a paper on "Online Web Based Monitoring of Landslides using Geotechnical Instrumentation and Automatic Surveying Techniques" authored by Mr. Amod Gujral, Managing Director and Mr. Prateek Mehrotra, Vice President Technical. A talk on the subject was also given by Mr. Amod Gujral at the Congress.

The paper describes the advanced landslide monitoring solutions developed by Encardio-rite comprising of field proven and rugged geotechnical instruments, advanced automatic surveying techniques and public cloud based web data management system.

The field sensors for measuring parameters such as subsurface deformations, pore water pressure, anchor load, rainfall, surface crack movements etc. are connected to the field datalogger through a SDI-12 bus, thus minimizing the cabling costs and increasing system's reliability.

Deployment of the robotic total station to automatically monitor 3D prisms at critical locations adds to the comprehensiveness of the data collected and system's integrity. The data collected by the field instruments and sensors, transmitted using GSM/GPRS network, is readily available in real time to the different stake holders, who may be located in any part of the world.

Automatic notification of alarm conditions through e-mail or SMS is realized by the system. The network is cost effective and value-wise is just a small fraction of what is spent later on in rescue operations, removing debris and rehabilitation.

For more details on the Landslide monitoring solutions provided by Encardio-rite, please refer to:

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