Vista Data Vision

Vista Data Vision offers software for Environmental and Geotechnical Monitoring projects covering a wide range measurements using different instruments. Vista Data Vision is a database driven software that includes everything needed to start own data monitoring service.

For monitoring Water quality and Water level, Bridges, Dams, Embankments, Foundations and Deep Excavations, Landfills and Ground Water Remediation, Mines, Piles, Slope Stability or Tunnels the Vista Data Vision contains many features which allow user to analyze and process Ground water level/quality and Geotechnical data.

Encardio-rite is the agent for VDV Vista Data Vision software. VDV is an "all included" application for data management and analysis for field measurements. VDV offer all data handling for field measurement projects of any size. VDV supports Real-Time data handling as well as visualization of trend lines and a great number of various of reports. VDV is all you need to run Data Monitoring service.

Model VDV software is a powerful data base application which provides a complete package for data storage, browsing, reporting and publishing to the web with the support of 3 modules i.e. db.robot.c for storing editing the data, that allows user to display data from multiple stations and db.web.browser that allows to publish and give web access to all data and advanced reports. Requirement: Operating System Windows 2000, Professional, Windows XP, Home or XP Professional Memory requirement 128 MB (minimum), 512 MB, or more (recommended) Hard disk requirement 90MB (minimum for installation)

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