Moniterra group of affiliated companies is established under one Brand name to offer the experiences, the know-how, the collaborations, the friendships, the positive and negative moments, the goals and the visions of a 20 year journey through the field of geodetic and surveying engineering.

Involved in all kinds and scale of projects we have great expertise in deformation monitoring, road/railway construction support, tunneling, building/industrial construction support and laser Scanning/BIM. We offer terrestrial activities "from above", Aerial Mapping Services using the potentialities offered by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The cohesiveness of all those services is further reinforced with our special software dedicated to all those activities.

Encardio rite group of companies and Moniterra have come together to offer a complete solution for safety monitoring. With our combined experience in Geotechnical, Geodectic and online solutions we are today one of the most formidable companies in this field.

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