Guralp Systems

Guralp Systems Ltd. (GSL) is a leading designer and manufacturer of seismological instruments, digitisers, acquisition modules and software. Product range encompasses nearly all types of seismic devices, including land-based, ocean-bottom and borehole instrumentation.

Guralp Systems Ltd. was founded by Dr. Cansun Guralp in 1985, the firm has grown steadily as a result of its excellent reputation within the industry and, to date, employs over 90 people in its factory in Berkshire, Southern England. Guralp Systems boasts an international clientele, particularly in eminent areas of seismological research. As an ISO 9001 certified company, GSL has provided equipment for many major projects worldwide. In addition, GSL provides complete turn-key systems for volcano monitoring, combined infrasound and seismic research as well as ocean bottom observatories.

Encardio rite is sole agent in India of Guralp Systems Ltd., UK for its complete range of equipment for seismology, science and engineering. Please contact us for your requirement of micro-seismometers, strong motion accelerometers and associated products.

Encardio-rite offers range of low-noise broadband seismometers, strong motion accelerometers, analog and digital seismic instruments, digitizers and networking equipment. These systems are used for monitoring and further understanding in a range of applications such as Earthquake early warnings, Tsunami early warnings, Volcano monitoring, Ocean bottom seismology, Seismic surveying, Civil Engineering/Structural integrity, Petrochemical exploration, Security systems and Blast monitoring.

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